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About the Artist

John Suess 2021
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John Suess was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has always had a passion for art.


John has been  drawing and painting since the age of 3 and took two years of commercial art in college, but unfortunately never had a lot of time to dedicate to this love as he got busy with work and raising a family.

However, after retiring from his 34-year career as a librarian in 2007, he has dedicated his free time to playing golf, working in his garden, taking photographs and...painting.

John's primary medium is acrylic and he most enjoys painting landscapes. He is drawn to the beauty found in nature and likes to think of his style as somewhat expressionist in the style of Fairfield Porter and Wolf Khan, although he has experimented with other types of styles as well.

John and his artwork have been featured in many different magazines, newspapers and media outlets. Click here to check out these stories.

To purchase any of John's work, visit his Etsy shop. For bookings, media inquires and commissions, e-mail him at

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